Plastic Castellated Floor Panels

Our plastic castellated floor panels will ensure that all the heat goes up towards the surface, making this system extremely energy efficient. The panels are highly easy to cut, thus on the off chance that you have a region which is strangely molded, you can work easily on your way around, and you will effortlessly have the option to lay the funnels in the most productive manner conceivable.This is a helpful method to incorporate insulation layer and pipe fixing method into one product.

The castellated panels are essentially laid onto the sub floor and can be covered to give an interlocking arrangement. The funnel is turned out over the boards and constraint into position, prepared for the final tirade covering.

Material used: IMPACT-RESISTANT POLYSTYRENE (HIPS) with thickness 0,9 mm, black color.

Features of product:

Low Profile: 21 mm
Panel Size: 1150 x 850 x 21 mm (Each Panel = 0,9775 m²)
Pack Quantity: 23 Panels
Pack Coverage: 22,48 m²

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